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Reach Your Customers/ Users
Even Without Internet & Network*

No Data Mode

OffWallet platform enables enterprises and businesses sharing of critical Information as well as financial transactions getting transacted among the apps without any internet or data connection.

No Network Mode

For limited and restricted use-cases OffWallet platform enables enterprises and businesses in carrying out financial transactions getting transacted among the apps without any cellular tower.

Bridging the Digital Divide.

We have a vision to bridge digital divide for the masses across society, so as to bridge discrepancy existing between different demographics on access to information technology. 

Creative use of technology to provide alternate and affordable solutions to bring digital transformation is one our prime focus area. 

Innovation for the Last-mile.

Through the last-mile enablement of information, we would like  to ensure it is accessible for the last person of the society.

Our solutions aim to innovate solutions that would help the enterprises,  organisations and governments  to over-come the challenges they face due to digital split across the society.

Disrupt with Future Tech.

We strive to build the future-ready solutions with the cutting edge technologies and innovation practices to provide our customers with the disruptive solutions which keep them ahead. 

Focus on out-of-the box technology is what fuels our mission and vision to build tomorrow’s solution today through disruptive solutions. 


Last-mile Connectivity for Every Sector

Fin-tech, Digital Payments, Insurance and e-Commerce

Enabling off-line digital money transaction in wallets through “OffWallet” along with the solution that caters to banks, payment gateways, insurance and finance operational info to the demographic that has challenges in accessing information due to lack of internet. 

Health-care, Emergency Services
& Pharmacy

Providing last mile critical information to the health-centers and medical staffs in the rural and sub-urban areas. Patient record sharing and management along with the specialist consultation for the masse.

e-Governance, Agricultural & Judiciary

Enabling the farming, weather forecast and critical agricultural and subsidy information along with Governance communication on policies, law enforcement, judicial and related information etc. to reach the needy.

Media Communication, Transport and Logistics

Providing off-line communication of critical tracking data of transportation and logistics through our patent-pending solution t the segment as a part of the digital divide. Ensuring 24×7 availability of information even without the internet infrastructure.   

OffWallet: World's First
B2B Offline App Payments Platform

What's New?

  • Seamless experience with and with-out internet.
  • Make your apps carry-out transactions in dead-network zones in the cities/towns.
  • Designed for Inclusivity – Reach your rural users.
  • Single window solution for offline and online transactions
  • Works on smart and feature phones.
  • ‘Patent Published’ technology and approach

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Do you need help in bridging the digital divide for your customers? We can help. Please let us know your need using the form in the side, to raech out to us. Alternatively, you may also send an letter of Intent/Interest to [email protected]

OffWallet Overview for Banking Apps:
Pay seamlessly even at zero Internet.

Why OffWallet helps bring the inclusivity in digital wallet while retaining seamless experience?

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Demo of OffWallet PoC

Demo of OffWallet PoC This is the official release of the demo of OffWallet as on 19 May 2020 by …
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