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How OffWallet Works ?

Overview of the Solution

Works seamlessly with and with-out internet.

Designed for remote rural users.

Single window solution for offline and online transactions
Simple user-experience.

Works on both feature-phone and/or smart phones.

‘Patent Published’ technology and approach.

Delights that work like magic…

  • Make the money accessible & available 24×7
    – in case of zero network coverage area

  • Aiding the audience for Lower educational level
    Local language support
    – More visual cues
  • User Experience that empowers the user
    – feature phone paradigm of interaction
    – assisting user in distracted environment 
  • Empowering for better productivity in day-to-day transactions 
    – e.g. buying, borrowing, deposit of money etc.

Seamless Experience of Offline transaction

The uniqueness of OffWallet lies in the patent pending approach of managing transactions through the app that can read and send the SMS with encrypted blocks of tokens when internet is not available, to allow user to send or receive money in the seamless way without change in experience from the scenario of online transaction.

The app manages the SMSs in the backend while the user is presented a interface to provide an experience similar to the online scenario while ensuring the security aspect while making sure that the data transaction can be handled within the limited character lengths allowed in SMS as well as enabling the App to read the cue to identify the correct sequence of the SMS coming.