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Innovation is in our DNA

In order to ensure we truly bring innovation to build products and solutions that would help enterprises and organizations lead in their mission to enable their end-users to overcome digital divide, we constantly evaluate new technologies and look for windows how to creatively use them to solve the day-to-day issues. 

In this BeatBuilds Labs section you would find our innovations and experimentations  in different spaces and domains. 

OffWallet - Digital Wallet

A Wallet Technology that Helps You Transact Even Without the Internet

One of the many challenges India faces today in setting up a cashless economy lies in the lack of digital internet-based wallet and banking infrastructure, that can work effectively across Rural and Sub-Urban areas which still contribute to the lack of internet penetration in India, as only one-third of the mass have access to internet. Even though the Govt.’s spearheaded effort on pushing for the Cash-Less Economy, the poor internet penetration and the fact that more than half a billion feature phones in the hands of masses still pose to the bottle neck for such efforts.

To solve this challenge in an innovative way, we have recently come up with our “Patent” Pending disruptive solution “OffWallet” that can be the answer to this problem.

OffWallet, is a digital wallet innovation that would allow the users to transact money even without the need of the internet.

EnterpriseNext - Design

Easy Scalable Way to Design

 EnterpriseNext:Design is a cloud tool providing a break through approach to define and manage your design elements, patterns. The same tool helps you build highly scalable, future ready UI designs.
No more worries about maintaining separate pattern and reusable design elements manage and the design tools. Also no need to have the prior design experience to create screens for your project.

EnterpriseNext:Design uses a new and faster way to design your screens — a process with some patent-pending approach to define patterns and relies heavily on the reusability. Also it’s a cakewalk to modify the existing designs to move faster in a fast paced agile life-cycle. Made for Design + Agile /Iterative workflows convergence in mind.

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