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Fin-tech, Digital Payments, Insurance and Commerce


Enabling off-line digital money transaction in wallets through “OffWallet” along with the solution that caters to banks, payment gateways, insurance and finance operational info to the demographic that has challenges in accessing information due to lack of internet. 

Health-care, Personal Wellbeing & Pharmacy

Providing last mile critical information to the health-centers and medical staffs in the rural and sub-urban areas. Patient record sharing and management along with the specialist consultation for the masse.

e-Governance, Agricultural & Emergency Response Systems

Enabling the farming, weather forecast and critical agricultural and subsidy information along with Governance communication on policies, law enforcement, judicial and related information etc. to reach the needy.

Media Communication, Transport and Logistics

Providing off-line communication of critical tracking data of transportation and logistics through our patent-pending solution t the segment as a part of the digital divide. Ensuring 24×7 availability of information even without the internet infrastructure.

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