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Why OffWallet ?

Challenges on the Ground:

Today, even when India is eyeing for a complete digital economy, the challenges remain. The illiteracy rate which is around  25% per cent and digital illiteracy is even higher. About 65+ per cent of over one billion Indians lives in rural areas, and only about 2/3rd  of the population are yet to get the Internet access. Apart from the infrastructural and demographic challenges, we have other barriers to establish a digital economy such as lower purchasing power of majority of the mass, which underscores need for radical innovation, low-literacy needs requiring solutions in local language and visual cues etc.

More than half billion of the India is still operating on feature phones as of 2020. One of the recent example of this posing a threat to the digital journey for the segment can be seen in the fact that nearly half a billion of users in India are not able to use the digital solutions like that of UPI based one which is leading in the country with more than a million transactions a month. Recent hosting of Grand challenges by Bill & Mellinda Foundation hints at  how much a good solution is needed to bridge this digital divide. (Refer:  


In  India and in many other parts of the world, one of the major challenges the government and financial institutions face today in setting up a cashless-economy is due to the lack of internet infrastructure for providing access to the digital banking and wallets to the mass. In India, roughly 2/3rd of the population do not have access to the internet and most of who live across the rural and suburban areas. Moreover, there is almost half-billion feature phone are in use, that do not support smart features that are typically required in the digital wallet.

OffWallet is the Answer:

With such challenges on the ground, we have a long road to reach the cashless economy. To solve this challenge in a disruptive way, we have comeup with a patent-pending disruptive solution OffWallet that can be the answer to this problem. 

OffWallet is a digital wallet innovation that would allow the users to transact money even without the need of the internet.

This is a technology that can also be scaled to work with the existing mobile payment systems, digital wallets, payment gateways to enable them to carry out transactions without the internet scenarios in a secure way while keeping their existing transaction experience for the users seamless. The user experience of the offline transactions would be seamless, as the user can transact money in the someway as she/he would have done with the wallets with the internet. 

OffWallet brings to table the solution to break these barriers.  It provides a platform that supports : 

  • Innovative patent pending approach, that rethinks the transactions and disrupts the space to bring the technology to the masses. 
  • Works with and without Internet, and provides seamless experience for the user transact money as well as information. 

  • Works in Smart-phones as well as feature phones. 
  • Can supports local languages and provides visual cues. 
  • Can establish the confidence of the users in carrying out  high value transactions. 
  • Can enable existing digital wallets and bank apps to bridge the digital divide for their customers and empower their customers to securely and confidently transact offline and in the cases without network infrastructure. 

OffWallet Overview for Banking Apps:
Pay seamlessly even at zero Internet.

Why OffWallet helps bring the inclusivity in digital wallet while retaining seamless experience?

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