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Our Vision Behind OffWallet

Being a disruptive technology enabler, we have a vision to bridge digital divide for the masses across society.


Through the last-mile enablement of information, we would like to ensure it is accessible for the last person of the society.

Be it any of the industries and domains namely – fin-tech, finance, Insurance, commerce, health-care, pharmacy, agriculture, e-governance, emergency response services, communication, media and reporting, legal, judicial or hospitality industry and tourism, OffWallet can provide the last-mile connectivity for the critical information even if the internet-infrastructure is not present. 

We aim to be enabler for the enterprises, organizations and government in any of the above areas and spaces. We strive to bring disrupt innovation to provide the required solution to bridge the digital split for the information producer and the consumer, with special focus on (but not limited to) making the information available to the rural and sub-urban mass.

We are a disruptive technology enabler to bridge the “digital-divide” through the last-mile enablement of information.


Latest Updates


Our vision is to bridge the digital divide in the society using innovation in information technology.


We are on a mission to build solutions for empowering the enterprises to lead.